Monday, June 25, 2007

Design Document and Mockup

There is progress on my Hack Week Project Dynamic Web Service Portal. I have created a fantastic design document and a mockup.

In the mockup you can see the aggregation of data from different sources. I intend to use Atom feeds for that which are created by small modules accessing the sources via a web service. In the simplest case this is already an Atom feed where nothing has to be done other than fetching it. In less simple cases there is a bit of parsing and reformatting involved or operating a SOAP protocol or similar things.

What you also can see in the mockup (well at least if you are so lucky to decifer my handwriting) are the actions associated with some entries. For example for resolving a bug, showing the diff associated with a SVN commit, marking a mail from a mailing list as todo or for closing a bug resolved by a SVN commit containing the corresponding bug number in the commit message. These actions I intend to embed in the Atom feeds using some custiom extensions. The result would be something like "Activated Atom".

Now add a bit of code to actually create the user interface and we are done. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Let's see. Back to coding.

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