Friday, June 11, 2010

Testdrive Success

After a bit of further hacking I have now access to testdrive from my SUSE Studio client. For a given build a testdrive can be started on the server and the client connects to it with an embedded VNC client. The following screenshot shows you the result, the infamous nInvaders appliance booting in testdrive.

The native VNC viewer gives great performance and is nicely integrated. This is a great environment for a little game of nInvaders.

It's Friday evening now, my hackweek ends here. I'm happy that I have reached my goal of implementing some basic functionality of a native graphical SUSE Studio client. I did a lot of infrastructure work, so that it's now much easier to add additional functionality to cover a more complete set of use cases. If somebody wants to help with implementing some more bits, I would be more than happy. But I will also try to find some time to do some more hacking on this project myself. It's a lot of fun.

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