Thursday, July 2, 2009

Social Desktop

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We want to integrate the data on community web sites like (or its child sites,,, with the desktop in order to extend applications by the most unique feature free software projects have: the community. The end result could be something like a “social desktop”, where people and the interaction with the community are a central element and provide extra value to the user.

Some ideas how this could be used were presented in the Akademy keynote KDE Community websites: The past, the present and a vision for the future by Frank Karlitschek. He also presented the first version of an API how to access community web sites, the Open Collaboration Web Services API. The specification can be found on

In order to make a first step towards the goal of the Social Desktop we want to implement the Open Collaboration Services API on and a desktop client library and application to access the data.


Server code is active on Client code is in SVN. It includes a first version of the client API, an Akonadi resource handling person data, a GUI application to query and show person and activity data, and a Plasma data engine for the destkop.

More results and documentation of the progress can be found in Cornelius' Hackweek Blog.


  • Cornelius Schumacher works on the client library, an example UI, and the Akonadi integration
  • Frank Karlitschek takes case of the server side
  • Sebastian Trueg helps with Nepomuk integration
  • Dirk Mueller works on a Plasmoid to show activity data on the desktop.

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