Monday, September 26, 2011

Hackweek 7

It's the seventh SUSE hack week. I'm working on Inqlude, the Qt library archive, getting it beyond the prototype state. The idea is simple, create a web site listing all Qt libraries out there, and an easy way how to use them, think CPAN for Qt libraries.

There are a lot of things, which need to be done:

  • Finalize library meta data format
  • Adapt prototype tool to support the final format
  • Collect real meta data for as many libraries as possible
  • Finish the backend for installing binary packages on openSUSE via the openSUSE build service
  • Look into backends for other distributions, ideally using the same build service integration
  • Get libraries packaged, which don't have packages yet
  • Contribute back changes in package descriptions
  • Implement a Qt based client, possibly with a QML based GUI
A lot to do. Help is very much appreciated. If you are at SUSE or somewhere else, if you are a KDE, Qt hacker, a packager, an upstream library author, a Ruby programmer, or a QML specialist, don't hesitate, you are very welcome to join the fun. Just contact me, and we'll figure out the rest.

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